If you have additional rubbish of greater volume than the agreed upon service we provide to you – or should you have a bulk item such as furniture, wood, an appliance, etc., you must call the office to schedule a pickup. There is an additional charge for these items and a quote can be provided over the phone at the time of your call.

All New York City businesses are required to display a window decal showing who their trash carter is and their scheduled service days. Should you change the door or window the sticker was displayed on, or it loses adhesive, please call us to have a new one sent out. NYC Sanitation WILL ticket you for not displaying a window decal.

If you are utilizing one of our containers, it should be kept off the street or curb when it is not on schedule to be serviced the following morning.  A summons from the Department of Sanitation may be issued if it is stored on the curb or street.